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Off Topic: Meet my Shredder! October 21, 2008

Posted by Jim Locke in Off Topic.

Vote for me at DeanGuitars.com/Shredder!

If you think I am going to discuss the shredding of documents, you’re wrong! My off topic item today is intended to introduce you to the art of shredding on guitar (no paper necessary)

Shredding \Shred”ding\, n, a unique style of electric guitar playing that focuses on quickly executing advanced techniques to increase the speed of the playing, often being utilized in the above-mentioned neo-classical metal. 

Some of you may have met my little shredder, Brian, at last year’s SMB Summit conference. He was helping many of our members learn to master Guitar Hero in the HP booth. So if you were wondering who that kid was, he is mine.

Brian’s life is all about the guitar and needless to say I am very proud of him. He began teaching himself how to play at 8 years old by watching YouTube videos and slowing them down to figure out the chords. At 10, he won a $1000 custom Minarik guitar at a music camp called Day Jams. Which leads me to where we are today, his entry in the Dean Guitar’s Shredder Search. If you appreciate electric guitar, I would like you to check out my son’s video and vote on it, fairly and honestly. He spent nearly two months putting it together and even I have to admit that it is pretty amazing (but then again, I am his Dad).

Thanks in advance for checking out his video.

Vote for me at DeanGuitars.com/Shredder!



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