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Repair Windows XP in 30 minutes with ReImage October 21, 2008

Posted by Jim Locke in IT Business, Partners, Productivity, SMBTN, Tools.
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Get a 3-day Trial of ReImage Free!

Get a 3-day Trial of ReImage Free!

As we head into a tougher economy, it makes more sense than ever to work smarter not harder. With this in mind we have partnered with ReImage, a software tool provider that promises to repair broken Windows XP installation in as little as 30 minutes.

But don’t confuse this with some of the freeware or end user tools you have seen before, this software was designed as an expert system for the IT professional. It gives good feedback on problems found and repairs most of them within about 30 minutes. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself or read the case study about the experience that Computer Troubleshooter’s franchisees have had with the product.

Reimage has been dubbed the “Domino Pizza of PC repair” (repair in 30 minutes or less) by NetworkWorld. Reimage provides online operating system repair automation in minutes while safeguarding user data. Reimage has developed the first ever technology that offers software that repairs XP operating systems automatically (Vista coming soon). eWeek raves: “Reimage works like magic to repair problems with XP“.


  • Provides automated, online, repair which fixes a damaged XP OS.
  • Works remotely, on site and on multiple PCs, simultaneously
  • Takes about 30 minutes, per fix.
  • Safeguards all user data, settings and applications.
  • Requires no set-up (we download a 3MB ActiveX).

By using a remote access tool an automatic repair can be initiated from any workstation. The old fashioned practice of an onsite or manual online repair for software problems is now history. Reimage is all about saving you time.

After a few mouse clicks and 30 minutes you get:

  • A PC that is as good as new no viruses, malware, software clashes or blue screens.
  • Saving you hours of guess work, or having to reload the OS.
  • No loss of any applications, settings or user data.  

To learn more about how ReImage works, please click here or join SMBTN on Tuesday, October 21, 2008, at 11:00am PST for an online webinar about the product.



1. Alex - November 2, 2009

Great post. Your tips are valuable and will be useful to blog readers…SACATECH

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