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The Concept of a Public CTO Council March 13, 2009

Posted by raviprocompare in IT Business, SMB, SMB Trends.

The SMB IT services market is so fragmented that there continues to be a challenge, even in today’s environment, in finding the right IT expert or consultant for a given project or set of tasks. In many cases, IT consultants at small businesses wear multiple hats – telecom, Windows server, network, etc. It’s difficult for one person to have all the answers on all these topics. As such, the advent of multiple forums on the Internet for raising questions and getting answers has helped tremendously.

The question at hand is how beneficial would the concept of a “Public CTO Council” be. In other words, the development of a specific forum/network of experts across various skill sets  who would be:

– Solely focused on SMB technology (software, hardware, and IT services).
– Have expertise in specific skill sets / categories that are clearly identified from a pre-selected list of what matters for SMBs
– Be on call and available (similar to the GLC Councils’ Expert Network model), possibly on a subscription basis, to other IT consultants working in firms for specific questions / to help address specific situations
– The forum could include telephone or email consultations, in-person meetings, reports or possibly even educational presentations on certain topics

Organizations like SMBTN and others already have some experts and thus the seeds for this concept – it may be a matter of leveraging existing platforms and building up the platform to allow this to happen more easily.



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