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Autotask Extends Promotion for SMBTN Members to March 31 March 15, 2010

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In the last quarter of 2009, SMBTN and Autotask offered a stellar promotion on Autotask Pro for SMBTN Members. Many members took advantage of this exclusive promotion. Others failed to act and missed out on this opportunity. However, since the first of the year, we have received so many inquires from members seeking to improve their business processes that we went back to Autotask and asked them to extend the promotion through March 31, 2010. That gives you access to the complete SMBTN/Autotask platform, including:

  • Autotask Pro
  • Customized SMBTN Template
  • Client Access Portal
  • Outlook Integration
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Corelytics Lite Financial Dashboard
  • SMBTN Toolbar Integration

Best of all pricing starts at just $99 down and $99 per month for a single user, $149 down and $149 per month for two users, and $199 down and $199 per month for three users. Additional users can be added for $50 per user. Note that offer is available only to new Autotask subscribers who are current SMBTN members.

Take a step towards improving your business TODAY!

Don’t forget. You must act by March 31, 2010 to take advantage of this offer.


Karl Palachuk’s Network Migration Workbook is Here! August 1, 2009

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The Network Migration WorkbookKarl and Manuel Palachuk are pleased to announce the publication of The Network Migration Workbook and have a great pre-sales offer to share with you. For a limited time, SMB Books (SMBTN’s Official Bookstore) will be offering this eagerly anticipated, 600 page, perfect bound book for just $199 (a savings of over $100 off the cover price).  Don’t forget that SMBTN members save an extra 10% off all purchases over $25 from SMB Books by using discount code SMBTN2009. Order today and be amongst the first to receive this excellent resource when it ships on September 1, 2009.

Zero Downtime Migrations Are Real!

Let’s be honest, anyone can perform a network migration WITH downtime. You simply kick everyone off the system, put the client out of business for some period of time, and push through until you’re done.

Without downtime is another story.

Without downtime . . .

  • You can do network migrations during the workweek
  •  The client doesn’t have to ever send people home because of you
  • You can work when 3rd party support is available
  • You don’t have to pay overtime
  • and Neither does the client
  • You look like a hero!

ZDTM (Zero Downtime Migrations) Are Not Easy — But They Are Manageable

ZDTMs require only a few key skills.

First, you need to be a good project manager. For SMB projects, this is a skill you can learn very quickly.

Second, you need a very thorough and complete checklist. You need to be able to manage the project while one of your technicians executes the project.

Third, you need a process that is repeatable and profitable. That means staying inside the scope of work.

It also means you have to quote the job properly!

The Network Migration Workbook gives you everything you need.

It won’t fit in your back pocket. It’s on full letter size paper and it’s almost 600 pages.

But it definitely has everything you need.

We start with a discussion of the entire process so you see the big picture. We talk about the scope of work and how critical it is to your internal processes and your relationship with the client.

Next, we introduce the pre-discovery process. That means making a list of all the things you need to discover so you really understand the project.

After the pre-discovery is complete, you can quote the project. We lay out a process based on 10+ years of SBS Migration experience. We divide the migration into seven distinction stages.

We show you how to estimate the labor required for each stage. So you can always create a quote that’s exactly suited for each client.

Those seven stages become seven service requests. You and the client agree on everything. As you finish each stage, you track every minute of every job. ALL work is inside the scope of the project.

If it’s not inside the scope, then it must be outside the scope. In that case, you create a new service request that’s billable.

The client agrees because they’ve bought in from the beginning.

Now you’ve delivered your migration project on time and inside the budget. All other work is outside the scope of the migration project and therefore billable.

Don’t worry. We show you how to complete every piece of this process.

We give you every Excel spreadsheet, the wording for the service requests, and click-by-click every keystroke it takes to deliver a migration with zero downtime.

Download Table of Contents (pdf)

Download First 3 Pages of Chapter 1 (pdf)

Download First 3 Pages of Chapter 5 (pdf)

Two Monster Checklists

You want true click-by-click instructions? We got ’em!

Appendix A is a 220 page checklist that details every piece of the migration process for SBS 2003. Why 2003? Because we realistically believe that some people will be doing 2003 to 2003 migrations for some time to come.

Appendix B is a 250 page checklist that details every piece of the SBS 2008 migration — click by click. With a good project manager, you’ll be able to hand over any migration to any technician and guarantee success.

We cover every procedure: From quoting the project, to building the server, to migrating the desktops. We’ve got a “golden” section called My Favorite Whitepapers that lists the most important Microsoft Knowledgebase articles and other resources out on the Internet. This list is so good, we’ve been offered to $100 just for these ten pages!

Awesome Network Documentation

You’ve probably heard of (or used) Karl’s Network Documentation Workbook. Well, this book includes many new and revised forms from the next version of the Network Documentation Workbook.

When you’re finished with this migration, you will have a perfectly new, perfectly documented system.

More importantly, the migration process outlined here will give you a repeatable and profitable network migration strategy.

Even if you can’t read through the entire book before your next migration, you’ll start saving money right away. Why? Because you’ll define the project properly. You’ll quote the project profitably. You will save hundreds of dollars by simply following our pre-discover and discovery process.

No More Surprises! Where do you lose money on a migration? You lose money when you find surprises. 

  • Network equipment you didn’t know about
  • Databases no one mentioned
  • “Critical” vacation pictures that take up 62GB
  • Unexpected ISP changes in the middle of the migration 
  • Third party vendors who are not available when you’ve got the database offline
  • Scope Creep!

The Zero Downtime Migration Process eliminates the unknown and makes you more profitable.

You’ll finish every project on time.

You’ll remove the RISK of the unknown.

And you’ll be the hero because the client won’t lose money during the process!

Money Back Guarantee

If you buy any Network Migration Books or Seminars from Great Little Book Publishing, we Guarantee your satisfaction – of you get a 100% refund – No Questions Asked!

Order Now!

Buy Now

Special Pre-Release Price Only $199 !!!

Super Give It To Me Right Now SpecialEveryone who orders this product before midnight on Tuesday August 4thwill receive a FREE two-hour audio introduction to the Zero Downtime Migration process.No codes. Just buy The Network Migration Workbook right now and we’ll send you the MP3 files.

Buy Now and Get the Bonus MP3s!

Boost Business with Customized HP/Microsoft Marketing Campaigns November 8, 2008

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HP/Microsoft Frontline Partner LogoHP has a new and cost-effective way for you to quickly boost your sales revenue of HP business computing systems and industry-standard servers running Microsoft operating systems and business software. To help you with the development and customization of marketing materials to use to find incremental revenue streams, we have launched a series of marketing campaigns utilizing integrated HP and Microsoft messaging. Within each campaign, you can easily and quickly customize a range of marketing materials with your logo, call to action, contact information and company profile and deploy a new campaign in mere minutes. And it’s free for you to use!


Register and utilize the new marketing campaigns and their customizable materials at www.hpmspartnermarketing.com. By using these customized deliverables for your demand generation campaigns, you may be able to find new revenue opportunities and accelerate sales of more Microsoft solutions built on reliable HP technology. So, don’t delay—get registered today!


In addition to the campaigns, there are other aspects about the website that you need to know about:

·         New Campaign: Mid-Market Infrastructure featuring HP BladeSystem running Windows Server 2008 launched earlier this week. Be the first to get this solution to your prospects.

·         Updated Campaigns: First Server, Right Server, Remote Access Solution, Upgrade the Client and Enable Your Mobile Workforce campaigns were all updated this month. Now is the time to start executing these extremely fresh campaigns.

·         Robust Incentives: Starting on 10/30, if you’re among the First 50 to customize marketing materials, you will be eligible for a $1000 subsidy good for printing or mailing services. Don’t miss this opportunity!

·         FLP Store: We just opened a store from which you can purchase FLP-branded or custom-branded promotional items with your logo.


As part of the terms and conditions to customizing and running a campaign, you are agreeing to report all campaign results. We also have a feedback form  that you can use to file any constructive criticism in order to ensure that we keep improving the campaign model we’ve created for you. Both the results and feedback data that we receive from you enable us to continue to offer updated campaigns each quarter, as well as, the ability to implement new campaigns at www.hpmspartnermarketing.com.


Have questions? Send an email to concierge@hpmspartnermarketing.com.


— The HP/Microsoft Frontline Partnership Team


Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk: Ducks In The Wild Sale/Contest November 6, 2008

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Don’t forget to send Karl your favorite “duckie” pictures and take this opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the SMB IT business by picking up one of the many great books offered by SMB Books, the official bookstore of the SMB Technology Network. Remember, all SMBTN members save 10% on purchases from SMB Books every day. Good Luck!

From Karl’s blog:

It begins.

I’ve recieved a few duck pictures.

We gave away almost a thousand rubber duckies at SMB Nation.

Now come the pictures.

This lovely duck found a place to swim — in someone’s beer!

Cell phones are great.

Do you have a better duck picture? Did you attend SMB Nation and come away with a duck?

Well, we want to know what the far-flung flock is up to. We have now disseminated ducks to several continents.

Please join our duck photo contest — and win big at SMB Books!

The rules are simple:

1) You send me a picture of your rubber ducky. Karlp@greatlittlebook.com. You can be in the picture. The duck can be doing whatever turns you on.

2) I’ll send you a coupon code good for $10 USD off any purchase of $20 or more at SMBBooks.com.

3) Promotion ends November 30th, 2008.
Coupons are good through December 31st.

4) The big winner of the “Best Duck Photo” contest will receive an additional $50 Coupon, good for any purchase at SMB Books.

5) If you don’t have a duck, send an entertaining picture and we’ll include a duck with your order. While supplies last.

6) There is no cost to enter.

Good Luck!

– – – –

Fine Print:

Photos will be judged by whoever is walking by the hallway on the last day of the contest.

In the event of a tie, the two winners will be flown to Amsterdam for a night on the town with their entire staff, all expenses paid.

We do not anticipate a tie.


via Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk: Ducks In The Wild Sale/Contest