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LogMeIn Express: A Quick and Easy Way to Share Your Screen June 13, 2010

Posted by Jim Locke in Reviews.
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LogMeIn Express

A few weeks ago John Blanchard, SMBTN’s rep at LogMeIn, called to tell me about a new screen sharing product called LogMeIn Express (currently in Beta). I found it was a particularly quick and easy to way to share a screen with a group of people while I was speaking to them on the phone. It also permits you to view and control a computer for ad-hoc support, training, etc.  However, I was surprised that that it offered features like chat and the ability to transfer files back and forth. Perhaps, best of all, the program installs a small applet with just a couple of clicks but does not leave any “installed” software on the computer.

Based on the ability of LogMeIn Express to share screens, files and chat with multiple users, I think that it would be reasonable to suggest that this could be the foundation for a new web conferencing application from LogMeIn. As it stands, the product is very usable and ready to use today by technology providers and SMB customers alike. Of course, it does not offer screen recording, conference calling or some of the other advanced feature offered in products like GoToMeeting or WebEx but if you already have a way to handle conference calls and don’t need the additional features offered by these packages, LogMeIn Express could be right for you.

Check out LogMeIn Express and let us know your thoughts.


Review: Support from ThirdTier is Top Notch September 21, 2009

Posted by Jim Locke in IT Business, Productivity, Reviews.
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thirdtierOver the past several months, my firm (AxonTech) has had the opportunity to use the services of ThirdTier on several occasions. The first was more of a test to see what kind of support they could provide to one of our workstation techs on an Exchange issue that our network engineers were not available to work on. We contacted ThirdTier and David Shackelford (an Exchange MVP) walked our technician through the process. Follow up was excellent and we were very happy with the results and the price we paid for the service.

I have personally used ThirdTier on a couple of other occasions related to Exchange and Small Business Server. Each time, I have had excellent results, a quick response, good follow-up and paid a reasonable price.

When I contrast this with the support I receive from Microsoft and other vendors, it is like night and day. I have successfully scheduled call back appointments with ThirdTier that were actually kept on time. I can’t say that for the “competition”. Furthermore, the folks at ThirdTier actually value the information that I provide to them. I don’t waste time proving the basics to them like I do with a Microsoft technician that I have to wait up to four hours for to call me back.

The bottom line is that I spend less time and close tickets faster when I work with ThirdTier than I do when I work with Microsoft. That is unfortunate but true all the same. I was told recently by an IAMCP member that I just need to know how to “work the system” in order to get the results I want and  in all fairness, he might be right, However, I really don’t think that I should have to manipulate the technicians at Microsoft into transfering me to an appropriate person in the USA to deal with my issue. Hence, I look forward to using the services of ThirdTier as my third tier support until Microsoft can compete with their service.

Congratulations to Amy, Eriq, Chad and David on putting together a top notch service. I highly recommend that anyone that is frustrated with the time wasted on Microsoft technical support, give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

Check out ThirdTier today at http://www.ThirdTier.net.